University College of the North

Universities Working Together To Provide Better Higher Education

University College of the North is one of the four Manitoba universities partnering with one another to deliver university credit courses to students living north of the 53rd parallel. This collaboration gave birth to the ‚ÄčInter-Universities Services (IUS), an educational solution to ensuring specific courses that a student takes can be transferred between the participating academic¬†institutions.

How IUS Works

The best interests of learners, communities, and organizations help create each Inter-Universities Services academic plan. Part-time and full-time students can take courses for professional development. Then, on-site instructors are brought into the community.

Ask UCN About IUS

Choose a Manitoba College for Your Desired Learning Program

Which academic instruction your certificate, diploma, or degree will come from is up to you. You can choose from any of the participating colleges as your home university:

  • University College of the North

  • Brandon University

  • University of Manitoba

  • University of Winnipeg

Picking Your Home University

The following are some factors to consider when deciding on a home university:

  • Your ability to meet the school's entrance requirements

  • The availability of the degree program that you want

  • Where you might choose to go to summer school, if necessary

  • University policies on completing many of your courses through independent study, if desired

Please note that you must still follow the academic requirements of your home university while partaking in IUS.

Changing Your Home University

Your decision on a home university during your first registration is not necessarily a final one. You can still transfer to another participating institution after your first 24 credit hours or four full courses.

Focusing on Sustaining Solid Partnerships

UCN forms articulation agreements, also known as formal partnerships between two or more higher education institutions, to help create students experience a seamless transfer from community college to our college. By doing so, we can maximize the mobility, portability, and transferability of a learner’s education.

We currently have a variety of accreditation and articulation agreements in place. These partnerships cover education programs under CPA, Commerce, Management, Business Administration, Certified Financial Aboriginal Management, Environmental Science, and Environmental Management.

Get Started Today

For additional information about our inter-university services, contact one of our recruitment officers. They will gladly respond to any of your questions about IUS.