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A Premier Place for Education in the North

The University College of the North strives to reflect the cultural diversity and Indigenous reality of Northern Manitoba. UCN is devoted to strengthening community and northern development by providing post-secondary education programs.

Guiding Principles to a Path Forward

University College of the North


University College of the North serves Northern communities and people with education, training, teaching, learning, and research while being inclusive and respectful of diverse Indigenous and Northern values.


Guided by the Seven Sacred Teachings, University College of the North is building better futures for a stronger North.

Strategic Directions

Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

Our Governance

As outlined in the University College of the North Act, the University College of the North (UCN) is to serve the educational needs of Aboriginal and northern Manitobans; and to enhance the economic and social well-being of northern Manitoba.

The Governing Council has overall responsibility for UCN, and may determine all matters of UCN policy except those specifically assigned to the Learning Council by the University College of the North Act.

The Learning Council is responsible for the academic policy of the university college. The Learning Council is to advise the Governing Council, and the Governing Council must seek advice from the Learning Council about the mission, vision and values of UCN; policies on the qualifications of teaching staff; and the terms of an agreement to develop and deliver joint academic programs.

The Council of Elders is to promote an environment at UCN that respects and embraces Indigenous and northern cultures and values. The Council of Elders is also to promote an understanding of the role of elders within UCN.

These three Councils are often referred to as the Tri-Councils. The Tri-Councils are committed to maintaining effective and positive relationships built on mutual support and participation. Each of the Tri-Councils has appointed members on the other two Councils.

Edwin Jebb

Our Chancellor

A member of the Opaskwayak Cree Nation (OCN), Edwin Jebb was one of the first Indigenous graduates of the University of Manitoba.  Edwin is retired from the Opaskwayak Education Authority where he spent 19 years heading OCN's school system, developing education programs and promoting healthy lifestyles for Manitoba's First Nations people.  An active volunteer in his community, Edwin was a member of the implementation team tasked with developing the University College of the North.  Edwin has received numerous awards throughout his career including the Brandon University's Teacher Education Program Meritorious Service Award, the Frontier School Division Award and was named to the Order of Manitoba in 2000. Edwin was installed as the University College of the North's second Chancellor in June 2011.

Our President

On August 1, 2017, Doug Lauvstad was appointed president and vice-chancellor of UCN. Doug is passionate about helping northern people and addressing northern issues. He is also a strong advocate for the economic and social progress of Northern Manitoba. His many accomplishments include building educational and other programs that support "Northern People for Northern Jobs."

University College of the North

Embrace Adventure in Your Educational Journey

Although UCN has two main campuses in The Pas and Thompson, Manitoba, we also offer a wide range of programs in a network of 12 centres from Swan River to Churchill. Nine of these regional centres are in First Nations communities.
Enjoy a unique college experience in the north at UCN. Pristine lakes surrounded by rugged terrain can be the perfect setting for your learning adventure. The untouched wilderness can be your classroom.

University College of the North
University College of the North

Excellent Learning Opportunities Are Yours for the Taking

UCN offers certificate, diploma, and degree programs in many areas. Our institution caters to different types of learners ‚ÄĒ from students who are just starting their journey into higher education to people looking for an upgrade in skills to individuals seeking a career change.

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Send us your questions about educational programs and campus life at UCN. We will be more than happy to answer your inquiries about us.