Adult Learning Centre


Adult Learning

If you're interested in getting your high school diploma, in upgrading your academic skills, or in learning to speak English, UCN Adult Learning Centre has the courses you need.

UCN Adult Learning Centre offers adults, through a supportive classroom environment, the opportunity to take upgrading and high school credit courses. 

Adult Learning programs are offered at our Thompson campus and may also be offered at UCN’s Education and Training Centres in communities.

Post Diploma

The Post Diploma program is designed for students with a high school diploma who wish to prepare for entry into post-secondary programs, or satisfy employment-related goals. Tuition fees may apply. 


Mature High School Diploma

Students who have not obtained a high school diploma may be able to obtain a Mature Student High School Diploma (MSHSD) at University College of the North. There are no tuition fees for the MSHSD program.

Preparation for Diploma in Practical Nursing

Students who hold a high school diploma and need to meet high school admission requirements for the DPN program at UCN or who need to refresh their academic skills can take the program. The program focuses on the study and research skills needed to be successful in the Diploma in Practical Nursing program and introduces the essential skills required. This is a three-term, cohort based program in Flin Flon, Swan River, and Thompson.

DPN class Thompson
DPN class Thompson