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University College of the North fosters a welcoming educational environment where students can develop their intellectual and cultural knowledge. Our academic institution happily accepts eager learners from any age, gender, race, and culture.

A Memorable Education Experience Awaits

University College of the North

New Students

Enroling for the first time? Schedule a chat with one of our recruiters to look over program requirements and apply to the course that you want.

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Your previous schooling matters even when you switch schools or change courses. Find out how you can apply to UCN and transfer your school credits by talking to one of our admissions counsellors.

University College of the North

Adult Learners

The average age of students at UCN is 30. Learning never stops and our instructors and staff are experienced with effectively teaching individuals who are coming back to school.

University College of the North

International Students

Enjoy university experiences found nowhere else. As an international student, you will gain knowledge and hands-on training in a northern environment.

The Registrar's Office

The Registrar’s Office manages the academic activities of all students, as well as the academic records of all UCN students (past and present). Find more information on things like registration, tuition and fees, appeals, student transcripts and more.

University College of the North

Online Courses

Upgrade your skills in an area of your choice through our online classes. You can browse and enrol in our different program areas available at the click of a mouse.

University College of the North

Work-Integrated Learning

Experience in a real-world environment is a great teacher. Integrate your academic studies within a workplace or practice setting through this program.

University College of the North

How Much Will Your Certificate, Degree, or Diploma Cost?

Plan for your university studies with our program cost sheets. You can use these resource materials to calculate how much you will spend to attain the education you desire.

Financial Aid Opportunities

Don’t let a lack of monetary capability for university studies stop you from receiving the higher education you deserve. You can always check out opportunities for financial aid and student grants.

Assessment Services

Applicants who do not meet the admission standards for their programs may need an assessment. The assessment is a collection of tests that evaluates the applicant's proficiency in English and Mathematics. Some college programs require a mandatory assessment as an additional requirement.  Applicants applying under the Mature Student Classification in college programs are required to complete the assessment.

Browse Our Viewbook

Our Viewbook gives you a quick look at the programs we offer, information about our learning centres, and services available to our students. 

Dive Into the Details

Prepare yourself for life as a college student with a little help from our academic calendar. This material is your source for current program and course information, rules and regulations, and other relevant details.

Already Admitted? Let‚Äôs Get You Started at UCN

From registering for classes to claiming your UCN ID, we have an online portal to help you settle everything you need as a UCN student. You can also apply for housing, find scholarships, and more.

University College of the North

Book a Virtual Admissions Appointment

Schedule an individual virtual appointment to learn more about UCN. Get all your questions answered by one of our recruiters from the comfort of your own home.