Mamawechetotan Centre


The name translated to English, Mamawechetotan means "let's all work together and help one another," a fitting description of the Centre's purpose and objectives.

The Mamawechetotan Centre is a beautiful space that provides a warm, welcoming environment for students to relax and socialize. It is an ideal place to interact with our resident and visiting Elders, fellow students, study, cook, utilize the computer lab, or just relax between classes.  After hour’s accessibility are available please contact Centre Coordinator to make arrangements.

The Mamawechetotan Centre located at The Pas Campus can be found next to the Enrolment Services Office inside the main entrance.

We encourage and invite students to participate in the many Cultural, Family and Fun events that take place on campus, such as: ( posters and emails will be sent out prior to each event)

  • Pipe Ceremonies (feast following pipe ceremony)
  • Sweat Ceremonies
  • Craft Sessions
  • Baking in Cree Sessions
  • Acoustic Nights
  • Drumming/ Singing
  • Movie Nights
  • Lunch Guests – Sharing Knowledge Sessions
  • And much more

We also have the food pantry and Milk & Bread Coupons that can be used if needed.

Contact Information

Centre Coordinator
Marcie Chartrand

TobaccoTraditional Knowledge Video Presentations

Tansi, UCN students and staff. We hope you are well and healthy today!

University College of the North presents the following video sessions for students and staff. You will learn how to harvest and use medicines, about the Willow Offering and Willow teaching. Traditional Knowledge Keeper, Fred Stevens, will share his understanding of these teachings and how you can use them in your everyday life.

There will be a short quiz after each presentation for you to find out what you have learned about the four medicines, the willow offering and willow teaching.

Session 1: Tobacco (cis-te-maw)

In this 19:30 - minute video presentation on tobacco, Fred Stevens makes his introduction. He shares the purpose of smudging, offering tobacco for harvesting medicines and the appropriate protocols when to offer tobacco.

Tobacco Questions:

1. What is the importance of offering tobacco, when harvesting medicines?
2. When do you offer tobacco, for what purposes?
3. What is the difference between traditional tobacco and commercial tobacco?
4. How do your respect tobacco?

Session 2: Sweetgrass (wi-kas-ko-siy)

In this 38:50 - minute video presentation on sweet grass, Fred shares a teaching on the meaning of sweetgrass, shares how to harvest it, where and when to pick it, how to clean it, and take care of it and when to use sweetgrass.

Sweetgrass Questions:

1. When is the best time of the year to harvest sweetgrass?
2. How do your harvest sweetgrass and prepare it to be braided?
3. What does sweetgrass represent?
4. How do you use sweetgrass?

Session 3: Sage (wa-pus-ko-siy)

In this 15:52 - minute video presentation on sage, Fred shares a teaching on how to harvest sage, how to clean it, when to use it and offer it and how it’s used at ceremonies.

Sage Questions:

1. How does one harvest sage?
2. What do you use sage for?
3. What is the purpose of smudging with sage?

Session 4: Cedar (ma-sa-ki-a-tick)

In this 16:55 - minute video presentation on cedar, Fred shares on how to harvest cedar, when to pick it, where to pick it, how to use it and the importance of using it at ceremonies.

Cedar Questions:

1. How do you harvest cedar?
2. What purpose, would you use cedar in the home?
3. How is cedar used for medicinal use?
4. What is one ceremony cedar is used for?

Session 5: Willow Offering

In this 20:48 - minute video presentation. Fred shares a teaching he received from an Elder from Saskatchewan, on how the willow offering was made and the purpose of the offering. He also shares how cloth offerings have replaced willow offerings.

Willow Offering Questions:

1. What was the purpose of the willow offering?
2. How was the willow offering being used, without children knowing it?
3. Why was the willow offering, replaced?
4. When do you offer cloth, for what purpose?

Session 6: Willow Teaching

In this 20:50 - minute video presentation. Fred shares a teaching on the purpose and the meaning of the Willow and how it was misused. He also shares how it was used as a teaching tool in the home, community and at ceremonies.

Willow Teaching Questions:
1. What is the purpose of the willow?
2. Explain the misunderstanding of how the willow was used?
3. How was the willow used as a teaching tool?
4. How can one apply this teaching to their life?


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Chaga Medicine Teaching with Fred Stevens