Indigenous and Northern Counselling

The Indigenous and Northern Counselling Skills Program provides the knowledge and skills required to provide guidance and support in a culturally proficient and professional way for Indigenous and northern peoples. All courses reflect Indigenous worldviews, ways of knowing, and culture.   Theories of healing and health also include Cognitive Behavioural, Strengths Based, and Solution Focused Counselling.


This certificate training includes 10 required and 2 elective courses as well as a final 50 hour skills practice placement.
Courses include:
ABS.1001  Waskawimakanwa Mecimwaci Isihtwawina
EDU.1105  Promoting Balance & Wellness for Healthy Lifestyle
CNS.1000  Introduction to Counselling: Assisting Aboriginal Peoples’ Healing Journey
CNS.1010  Effective Communications in Counselling
CNS.1020  Professional and Ethical Guidelines for Counselling Practice
ART.1140  Practical Skills: Assessment & Intervention
CNS.1030  Addictions and Aboriginal Communities
CNS.1040  Residential School Impacts and the Healing Journey
CNS.1050  Working with Families
CNS.1060  Working with Groups
CNS. 1070 Counselling in Aboriginal Communities
Electives:  (2 of the following)
CNS.1080 Counselling in Aboriginal Schools
CNS. 1090 Crisis Intervention in Aboriginal Schools
CNS.1100 Academic & Career Counselling
CNS.1110 Elder Teachings in Aboriginal Languages
CNS.1120 Supporting Instructors of Students with Exceptionalities
CNS.1130 Bullying in Schools
CNS.1140 Suicide prevention & Intervention
Practicum: (50 hours)
CNS.1200 Counselling Skills Applied Practice


For more information about the Indigenous and Northern Counselling Skills Certificate Program, please contact:
Susan Flett-Young, Program Coordinator
Indigenous and Northern Counselling Skills Certificate Program
University College of the North
The Pas Campus
Phone: (204) 627-8802 (messages only)