Certificate in Teaching Ininimowin

Certificate in Teaching Ininimowin (CTI) is an academic program housed in UCN’s Centre for Aboriginal Language and Culture and was created to address gaps and opportunities in Indigneous language acquisition and training. The program features combined hands on training and instruction in language and education. (CTI) is the only post-secondary Cree language program offered entirely in Ininimowin and is informed by Indigneous methodologies and pedagogies. The program is currently offered as part of UCN’s Community Based Services; this allows for maximum flexibility. The Program Consists of ten 3-credit hour courses + 1 credit hour course.


For more information about UCN's CTI program, contact: 

Shelly Bulycz
Manager, Community Based Programming
Faculty of Arts, Business, and Science
University College of The North
Phone: 204-627-8104
Cell: 204-620-2799
email: sbulycz@ucn.ca

Course Descriptions

ABS.1001 Waskawimakanwa Mecimwaci Isihtwawina
Credit Hours: 1
This innovative course introduces students to Aboriginal traditional teachings through the use of sharing circles, group activities and other Aboriginal cultural practices, and by working with traditional and non-traditional teachers. Students will learn about the historical and contemporary issues of Aboriginal people and actively participate in various culturally-based experiences, including a feast.

CAL.1000 Miskasowin Aboriginal Identity and Belonging
Credit Hours: 3
This course explores how Aboriginal identity and belonging is informed by the philosophical beliefs and constructs central to the worldview of Aboriginal people. Students will examine how Aboriginal people have maintained their cultural beliefs through family and community. The concepts of wahkotowin and wahkotamowin will be explored to develop understanding of place and language.

CAL.1005 Structure of Ininimowin
Credit Hours: 3
This course is an introduction to the study of language and applied linguistics for Aboriginal language teachers. Course topics include the sound system, sentence patterns, verb structure, and the syntactic patterns of Ininimowin in relation to orthographies and syllabics. This course will examine the ways in which Aboriginal worldview and philosophy affect language structure and use in Ininimowin. Students will be required to write and translate short texts.

CAL.1006 Foundations of Aboriginal Language Education
Credit Hours: 3
This course explores the foundations of Aboriginal language education from pre-contact to contemporary contexts. Students will examine traditional language learning processes, language development and language acquisition in Ininimowin, second language acquisition, and bilingual learning processes.

CAL.1010 Developing Community Based Curriculum
Credit Hours: 3
Prerequisite: CAL.1025
The goal of this course is for students to prepare community-based curriculum. Students will learn and apply the components of Aboriginal language curriculum that affirms the culture and heritage of the community. Students will develop community-based resource material for teaching Ininimowin.

CAL.1015 Practicum
Credit Hours: 3
Prerequisite: CAL.1020
Completion of a 40-hour practicum in a classroom setting is required for successful completion of the course. The practicum will include opportunities for the candidate to observe, plan, and teach under the mentorship of a cooperating teacher. Attendance is mandatory. With respect to holidays, interns follow the schedule of the school and not that of the University.

CAL.1020 Methods 1: Teaching Methods
Credit Hours: 3
This course will focus on teaching methodologies as outlined in the Kenanaw Learning Model to increase verbal and written skills in the Ininimowin language. Students will learn various language teaching methods for core programs, bilingual, and immersion programs.

CAL.1022 Methods 2: Computers and Technology
Credit Hours: 3
This course will focus on the development of basic computer skills to enhance Ininimowin language learning. Students will increase their knowledge of video and audio technology and how to apply them to Ininimowin language curriculum development.

CAL.1025 Principles of Teaching and Learning
Credit Hours: 3
This course is an introduction to the principles and practices of Aboriginal language teaching. The Kenanaw Learning Model will be utilized to develop knowledge of skill teaching, child centered learning, learning strategies, and learner autonomy for Ininimowin language teaching.

CAL.1035 Learner Assessment
Credit Hours: 3
This course will introduce appropriate assessment and evaluation procedures in Ininimowin language curriculum development. Students will have an opportunity to plan, design, and implement
assessment and evaluation tools for Ininimowin language learning.

CAL.1040 Developing Innovative Language Programs
Credit Hours: 3
This course will provide an opportunity for students to work with community knowledge keepers and Elders in a land-based setting to develop innovative culture-based curriculum.