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Applicants who do not meet the admission standards for their programs may need an assessment. The assessment is a collection of tests that evaluates the applicant’s proficiency in English, Mathematics, and Science. Some college programs require a mandatory assessment as an additional requirement.  Applicants applying under the Mature Student Classification in college programs are required to complete the assessment.

Before scheduling your assessment, if you need study materials to prepare, please email Assessment Center at to request a study package.

To book assessment testing at either The Pas or Thompson Assessment Center, please email

We request you arrive 15 minutes early and our recommendation is that you clear your schedule for the day so that you may remain focused.

Note: Special arrangements can be made for assessments at the UCN Education and Training Centers


Internal Invigilation:

The Assessment Center offers invigilation to University College of the North (UCN) students with accommodations and current UCN students enrolled in programs full-time or part-time are qualified to have the external test invigilation cost waived for exams taken at the Assessment Center. This also applies to current UCN students pursuing courses from other institutions. Please keep in mind that this only applies throughout the program. Alumni and applicants are not qualified for the waived charge. A student must show their current UCN student card on the day of their test to be eligible for the waived charge.

**Invigilation Request Form (Fillable)

External Invigilation:

The Assessment Centre offers testing services to numerous schools, institutions, and professional organizations in a safe and controlled setting. It facilitates testing for both individuals and groups online,   computer, or   paper format. You can make an appointment to write a test at the Assessment Center by filling out the Invigilation Request Form. The form must be filled out entirely including details of exam date and time, and detailed invigilation instructions including the contact information for the person who is sending the exam to the Assessment Center before forwarding it to for processing. There is a fee of $52.50 (per individual, per test) that must be paid before writing the test.

**Invigilation Request Form (Fillable)

We currently invigilate for Manitoba Conservation, Office of the Fire Commission, Manitoba Real Estate Association (MREA), The Investment Funds Institute of Canada (IFIC), Insurance Brokers Association of Manitoba (IBAM), General Educational Development Test (GED), and Athabasca University. If your requested invigilation is other than mentioned organizations or university/college , please contact Assessment Center by emailing to make arrangements.

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Transfer Credit

Applicants who have a post-secondary educational background and would like to consider the option of getting their credits transferred from UCN programs they have taken in the past or from external institutions within Canada can book an appointment with their Academic Advisor to start the process of transferring credit (For single course, block) by filling out the Transfer Credit Request Form. The request form signed by the Academic Advisor as well as the student along with your transcripts (if not yet provided) and course descriptions should be sent to to evaluate transfer credit. Each course requested for transfer is evaluated by the relevant faculty and given a UCN equivalent, if one is available. In some circumstances, general (unallocated) credit may be given if an equivalent cannot be found.

Note: Transfer Credit Requests can be denied due to various reasons including but not limited to coursework taken within the last ten years.

The fees schedule can be found at 

Recognition of Prior Learning

Adults are continually gaining knowledge and skills from the life experiences in which they are involved. A student may be able to receive UCN credit for previous skills and knowledge and apply this credit to programs at the University College of the North. The process of matching previous skills and knowledge to university- or college-level courses is called Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). UCN uses a variety of methods such as exams or tests, assignments or projects, skill demonstrations, and portfolio assessments to verify a student’s prior learning. RPL decisions are made by the program faculty in consultation with the Recognition of Prior Learning Facilitator and Academic Dean, and in accordance with the UCN’s RPL policy. Up to 75% of a program’s credit hours may be obtained through the RPL process. The fees schedule can be found at

More information on RPL can be obtained from Assessment Services by emailing

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