Accessibility at UCN

UCN strives to ensure students who are registered with Student Accessibility Services (SAS) receive accommodations that they are entitled to in accordance with:
Accessibility for Manitobans Act (Legislative Assembly of Manitoba)

Manitoba Human Rights Code

**Four categories of disabilities are:

  • Mental – conditions that affect the mind
  • Physical – conditions that affect mobility
  • Cognitive – conditions that affect learning
  • Sensory – conditions that affect any of the five senses.

Student Accessibility Services (SAS)
SAS strives to provide accessible learning opportunities and reasonable accommodation for all UCN students with permanent or temporary disabilities. Medical documentation is required from the appropriate medical professional for students to be eligible for accommodations. UCN believes that students have the right and the responsibility to choose to register or not with SAS. Students are encouraged to declare their disability when applying; your decision to register or not can be made at a later date.

To contact, email:


Examples of accommodations:

  • Alternate formatting for texts, tests and exams, assignments
  • Private space for tests and exams
  • Assistive technology and equipment
  • Extended time for tests and exams, assignments
  • Physical space
  • Accommodations are not limited to the above mentioned.
  • *Provision of services is designed individually and is dependent upon:
  • the nature of disability
  • requirements of the program of study
  • expectations in the classroom
  • timeliness of the request

**Accommodations do not provide students with advantages over their peers; they help to eliminate disadvantages.

Contact Information

Leone Klyne
Accessibility Resource Officer
Rm 154 Mamawechetotan Centre
Ph 204-627-8243
1 (866) 627-8500 extension 8243

Frequently Asked Questions