UCN Unveils “Pâkosêthimowin” Sculptures to Inspire Hope and Dreams

June 5, 2024

(The Pas/Thompson, MB) – Today, at our campuses in The Pas and Thompson, the University College of the North (UCN) introduces “Pâkosêthimowin” as the name for our newest sculptures. Pâkosêthimowin is Cree and translates to English as “Hopes/Dreams.”

“These works serve as visual representations of our guidance for the future. They emphasize UCN’s connectedness and the importance of maintaining our cultural foundations while moving forward,” said Doug Lauvstad, UCN’s President and Vice-Chancellor. “These sculptures reinforce our mission to provide meaningful education and build on mutual understanding”.

UCN’s council of elders provided the Cree translation. The sculptures, seven stainless steel spires, each engraved with one of the seven sacred teachings, provides a place for people to reflect individually or come together in unity. They highlight our focus on reconciliation, respect for diversity, and the pursuit of educational opportunities.

Mabel Bignell, UCN Elder, talks about the Seven Sacred Teachings displayed at the base of each spire on the sculpture. “We need to keep these teachings alive for our own sake and for the generations that follow,” she said. “By keeping these values in our daily lives, we’re passing on a legacy of strength and virtue. It’s more than just following a set of rules. It’s about uplifting and supporting one another.”

The “Pâkosêthimowin” sculptures are part of our commitment to creating spaces where culture, education, and shared values meet. Our partnership with Western Economic Diversification Canada and the Community Revitalization Fund makes them possible.

University College of the North provides learning opportunities to northern communities while respecting diverse Indigenous and northern values.


CONTACT: Monte Koshel
UCN Director of Marketing, Communications & Recruitment
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