UCN Early Childhood Education Program Granted Full Approval

February 3, 2023

(The Pas/Thompson, MB) – University College of the North (UCN) Early Childhood Education (ECE) program has been granted full approval for five years from the Province of Manitoba.

Graduates of the two-year full-time and Workplace program will have obtained all ECE II licensing requirements and will be eligible to apply for an ECE II licence as full Early Childhood Educators for childcare facilities.

The ECE diploma is designed to maximize students’ knowledge, skills, and attitudes required for employment and advancement in the field of early childhood education. Program graduates are prepared to provide quality care and education to children in a variety of settings. Emphasis is placed on learning within the context of Northern Manitoba and, in particular, within Indigenous communities.

“The Early Childhood Education team at UCN have been practicing and embracing Indigenous ways of knowing, doing, and being in Early Childhood training program since 2007,” said Laura Ayres, UCN ECE Program Coordinator. “It is wonderful to be formally acknowledged.”

University College of the North provides learning opportunities to northern communities while respecting diverse Indigenous and northern values.


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UCN Director of Marketing, Communications & Recruitment
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