UCN Collaborates on Fish Stock Monitoring Program

May 9, 2022

(The Pas/Thompson, MB) – University College of the North (UCN) will continue to administer the Collaborative Stock Monitoring Program (CSMP) in partnership with the Government of Canada, the Province of Manitoba, and Indigenous fishers in northern communities.

CSMP is a unique training initiative and data collection partnership to achieve sustainable fisheries and economic development in northern Manitoba.

“UCN is pleased to be able to assist with the CSMP. We recognize the value of data-driven decision-making in managing Manitoba’s natural resources and the importance of collaborating with those who know the land and waters best,” said Rob Penner, UCN’s Associate Vice-President of Community and Industry Solutions.

The program supports the capacity building of Indigenous Commercial Fishers and provides a basis of fish stock monitoring knowledge. It also empowers commercial fishers with more participation in fisheries management within the province of Manitoba and contributes local knowledge and fisheries data towards eco-certification efforts in Manitoba.

“CSMP is helping to fill knowledge and data gaps and providing a mechanism for local involvement in decision-making,” said Dr. Brian Kotak, Coordinator of the CSMP. “This is critical to the sustainability of this valuable resource and eco-certification of Manitoba’s harvest.”

The program is funded through the Government of Canada’s Strategic Partnership Initiative under the Indigenous Inland Commercial Fisheries Initiative and the Province of Manitoba.

Watch the video with more information about the project here:
Collaborative Stock Monitoring Program video – extended version
Collaborative Stock Monitoring Program video – short version

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