UCN Partners with Riipen to Make Work-Integrated Learning More Accessible for Manitoba Students

(The Pas/Thompson, MB) ‐ University College of the North (UCN) has partnered with Riipen, the world’s
largest online work‐integrated learning (WIL) marketplace. This partnership will bring accessible WIL
experiences into the curriculum for Manitoba students. UCN was selected as one of 30 post‐secondary
institutions to receive funding from RBC Future Launch.

“Riipen has enhanced accessibility by creating opportunities for UCN students to apply classroom
learning to real projects,” said Krystle Paskaruk, Career and Work‐Integrated Learning Coordinator. “This
allows them to combine work and education while supporting both local and international

Riipen’s marketplace platform matches courses submitted by professors with projects submitted by
Riipen’s vetted network of 19,000 employers, including small businesses and non‐profits. Throughout
the Riipen project, employers will provide UCN students with professional feedback and insights on the
real‐world application of their knowledge. Students can offer employers their expertise and ideas on
various subjects such as marketing, business planning, and IT while earning course credits.

“Canada’s future workforce is graduating into an economy still in recovery, and it is our mission to
support these students in their transition from learning to work. Over 90% of students on Riipen report
feeling a positive impact on their employability in areas such as career readiness, professionalism and
critical thinking,” said Dana Stephenson, CEO of Riipen. “We are excited to partner with University
College of the North to deliver even more experiences this year with funding from RBC Future Launch.”
By the end of this year, the Riipen and RBC Future Launch partnership will have delivered 27,000 flexible
and scalable curriculum‐embedded short‐term work‐integrated learning experiences to learners across
Canada. Learn more at riipen.com.

University College of the North provides learning opportunities to northern communities while
respecting diverse Indigenous and northern values.

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