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Tutoring Services

What is the Peer Tutor Project?

The LAC utilizes peer tutors who are fellow students or recent graduates, who provide direct assistance in the college/university courses, at no cost to students. This provides opportunities for students to receive an honorarium for their invaluable work as a Peer Tutor. The Peer Tutor project is a joint venture between UCN's Student Association Council and the UCN Learners' Assistance Centre and is available for students who pay student association fees.

Many students have expressed their gratitude for this program when they see their marks increasing. The staff at the LAC would like to acknowledge the Student Council and the tutors for their dedicated work. For more information or clarification, call or drop in and visit the staff.



Interested in becoming a tutor?

Students and graduates who are interested in tutoring must complete the Tutor Application Form. The application form must be signed by two related Instructors/Professors, or be accompanied by a resume and cover letter. Transcripts are also acceptable.

Payment for tutoring is issued on a monthly basis, based on submitted timesheets from tutors. All hours must be pre-authorized by the LAC staff before any payment is issued. For more information, drop by the LAC at both campuses.

Request a Tutor

Students who request tutoring must complete the Request for Tutor Application form. Students may also be referred by Counselors or by Instructors/Professors.
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