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Oscar Lathlin Research Library Academic Book Review Award

Oscar Lathlin Research Library is proud to announce the winners of the 2015 Academic Book Award competition. This award was made possible by the generosity of Evans Premachuk to encourage literacy. This year's winners were Raven Richards for her review of Engaging Students with Poverty in Mind: Practical Strategies for Raising Achievement and Larissa Stephen for her review of Catching Fire.
The award was open to all students who are enrolled full-time in any program at the University College of the North.
Selection was based on a student’s evaluation of an academic book: one used for teaching and/or instruction.  Demonstrated critical thinking, knowledge of the subject matter and fair and accurate analysis of the material were also involved in the selection process.  Applicants were required to complete an application, read a book (minimum 150 pages) selected from the UCN Library’s collection and write a 1,000-1,200 word review including the following:
a)  Introduction-include the title, author, publication information (publisher, year, number of pages), description of what the book is about, and brief description of the author’s or authors qualifications.
b)  Body-address the main themes and arguments in the book, include discussion of method, sources, theory, strengths and weaknesses, detail evidence and examples, and also include an analysis demonstrating critical thinking and insight.
c)  Conclusion-summarize the information in the review, include thorough assessment of the books usefulness, and give recommendation as to who might benefit from reading the book.
Applicants were to properly cite their work using APA or MLA format and use appropriate spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, paragraphing, capitalization, and grammar.  Along with the application applicants were also required to provide a current copy of their university/college unofficial transcript(s).
Note:  Applicants were expected to adhere to UCN’s Academic Dishonesty Policy and were not allowed to submit a review that had been previously used to fulfill a course requirement.

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