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Student Support

You've taken a very big step by registering in a University course.  Congratulations!  You have just begun a wonderful journey that will open your mind to new ideas and your life to new possibilities.
The material in the Student Support section of our website is designed to assist you along the road to success.
Each section has general, basic information and is not, by any means, complete.  More extensive material can be found in a library, through your instructor or student advisor.
Student Support Guides
Mixed emotions are probably running through your mind including excitement and fear of failure. So how can you both be excited and frightened? Well, you and many other students before you have felt this way. Many students have been out of school for several years before returning to formal education. Many people found schooling to be an unproductive and unsupportive environment. You may reflect upon your own experience as an unhappy one. The apprehension you feel now is a result of those negative experiences.
University is different than secondary school. You are likely to find yourself more focused on your studies than in the past even though you are busier than you ever imagined you would be. Your classmates form the "community of learning" and are more likely to be supportive of rather than critical of one another.
You know you have many capabilities and have learned much in the school of life. Trust that your ability to learn in the wider world is the training ground for you to learn again in a formal education setting.
Commitment, motivation and hard work will take you a long way down the road to successful completion of university courses.
One small sentence says it all: If it is to be, it is up to me.
You are ultimately responsible for your own education. Many people along the way will support you if you ask but you are the one that really has the control.
The material in this series, Student Support is designed to assist you along the road to success.
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