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Inter-Universities Services (IUS) is a consortium of the four Manitoba universities - Brandon University, University of Manitoba, University of Winnipeg and University College of the North.  IUS mandate is to deliver university credit courses to residents living north of the 53rd parallel.  We are in constant contact with partnering universities to ensure the transferability of courses that are offered through IUS.

How It Works

The Inter-Universities Services Academic Plan is created in direct response to requests from individuals and organizations. Students are both part time and full time learners and take courses for interest and professional development. Courses offered through IUS are on-site instructors who are brought into the community. We have volunteer representatives in the communities who provide local assistance with student registration, community liaison and administrative support.
Section 1:  IUS, The Universities and You
Section 2:  Home University

Who to Contact

If you require general information, or please email or call us at: 

Do you have any questions regarding Inter-Universities Services program coordination or mandate please email Lavina Fecteau.

Program Coordination
Are there courses that you would like to see offered in your community?  Do you have qualifications to teach courses in your community?  If so, please email Lavina Fecteau.
Academic Advisors 
To discuss any academic, career or personal issues contact our student advisors by email Candace Bignell, Joan Harper or Kim Bee (Regional Centres) 
Student Records 
If you have any questions about admissions and registrations or student numbers please email Sherry Bonnefoy.
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