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UCN Governing Council

Cameron Mateika - Governing Council Chair

The University College of the North has a tri-cameral system of governance with the Governing Council as the governing body for UCN, the Learning Council as the academic body; and the Council of Elders provides guidance to both the Governing Council and Learning Council, as well as to the administration of UCN. Both the Learning Council and the Council of Elders have representation on the Governing Council.

The UCN Act, which was approved in June 2004 and amended July 2010, is the provincial legislation governing the University College of the North.

The Governing Council follows a policy governance style and in so doing, the Governing Council confirms:

• their only employee is the President of UCN

• the Council members undertake the responsibility to govern the UCN

• the President is entrusted with the responsibility to manage the UCN

• By-laws and policies will be in place to support policy governance

The Governing Council's style of governing emphasizes values, vision, empowerment of the Council, faculty, and staff; and its strategic ability to lead leaders. The Governing Council's policies are broken into four distinct categories – Ends, Governance Process, Executive Limitations, and Council-President Relationship.

The Governing Council (July 1, 2006) embodies the above statement(s) and its members are fully aware that the UCN Act (2004) prevails over the Council’s Governance Policies.


Office of the UCN Tri-Council

The Office of the UCN Tri-Council is responsible for coordinating and facilitating the activities of the UCN Tri-Council: the Governing Council, and the Council’s standing and ad hoc committees; the Council of Elders; and the Learning Council. The office provides administrative and advisory services to these bodies and serves as the repository of information and data on all matters relating to the three Councils, and provides advice and guidance on jurisdiction, strategy, policy, and process.


Tanya Pidskalny
UCN Tri-Council Executive Officer
PO Box 3000
The Pas, Manitoba R9A 1M7
Phone: (204) 627-8649

  • The Pas Campus Box 3000, 436 - 7th Street East, The Pas, MB R9A 1M7 Telephone: (204) 627-8500 / Toll Free: (866) 627-8500
  • Thompson Campus 55 UCN Drive, Thompson, MB R8N 1L7 Telephone: (204) 677-6450 / Toll Free: (866) 677-6450
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