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Governing Council Role

The Governing Council has overall responsibility for the university college, and may determine all matters of university college policy except those specifically assigned to the Learning Council by this Act.

The Governing Council may

  • determine the mission, vision and values of the university college, in accordance with section 3;
    appoint the president and determine his or her term of office and remuneration;  
  • engage teaching and other staff as required, and determine their duties, conditions of employment, and salaries and honoraria;
  • determine the administrative and academic organization of the university college;
  • exercise internal disciplinary jurisdiction over the non-academic conduct of students, including the power to expel or suspend for cause;
  • regulate the conduct of staff and other persons who use the property of the university college, including denying any person access to the property;
  • borrow, in any fiscal year, money required to meet ordinary expenditures until the revenues for that fiscal year are available, and, with the approval of the Lieutenant Governor in Council, borrow money for any other purpose;
  • subject to the limitations imposed by any trust, invest money belonging to the university college, or held by it in trust, in any kind of property, whether real, personal or mixed, but in doing so, it must exercise the judgement and care that a person of prudence, discretion and intelligence would exercise in administering the property of others;
  • enter into agreements to further the university college's purposes, including agreements to develop and deliver joint academic programs described in clause 4(1)(e);
  • establish and collect fees and charges for tuition, and for other services that may be offered by the university college or that may be approved by the Governing Council on behalf of the student's association, or any organization or group of the university college; and
  • generally, do anything else that the Governing Council considers necessary or advisable to carry out the purposes of the university college.
  • The Governing Council may delegate any of its powers or duties — except the power or duty to make a by-law — to any committee of the Governing Council or any person.
The Governing Council
  • must provide for the retention and control of all university college records;
  • publish an annual academic report that includes aggregate information respecting enrolment, attrition, graduation and graduate employment placement, in accordance with guidelines provided by the minister; and
  • conduct an operational and organizational review at least every five years, in accordance with guidelines provided by the minister.
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