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Application and Admission


Admission Classification

Unless otherwise stated, all programs are open to applicants in all admission categories.

Regular Student 

  • A regular student is an applicant who has successfully completed a high school program or an academic equivalency attained through an approved adult education program with the stated minimum program entrance requirements.  This is the normal route of entry and confers the status of Regular Student immediately.

Mature Student

  • College Programs - A mature student is an applicant for college programs who is at least 20 years of age as of September 30 in the year of registration and who does not meet program entrance requirements.  Evidence of any related training or work experience must be submitted to assist in determining admissions eligibility.  An applicant may be requested to write a skill assessment test to identify subject areas requiring additional support.
  • University Programs - A mature student is an applicant for university programs who is at least 21 years of age as of September 30 in the year of registration and meets the additional criterion as specified in the program admission requirements.

Special Student

  • A special student is an applicant who may not have all stated admission criteria but can reasonably expect to earn them in one academic year while taking a minimum of one program course.  The applicant may be offered an acceptance into the program as a special student for one year only.  A special student is a non-degree seeking student.

Transfer Student

  • A transfer student is an applicant who has attended a post-secondary institution and has accumulated a minimum of 24 credit hours of acceptable credits.  Some programs may require a minimum of 30 credit hours of acceptable transfer credit.

Visiting Student

  • A visiting student will be admitted to take a course(s) for transfer to his/her home institution.

Student Categories

Full Time

  • A full-time student is registered in 60% of a course load, normally 9 credit hours or more per term.  Sponsoring agencies may define full-time status differently for their purposes.

Part Time

  • A part-time student is registered in less than 60% of a course load, normally less than 9 credit hours per term.

Application Procedure and Document Submission

To complete an Admission Application all documents must be received by Enrolment Services by the deadline specified.  Failure to submit all required documents by the appropriate deadline may result in admission being cancelled.

  1. Download the Admission Application Form.  The form is also available from Enrolment Services, any of UCN's regional centres or from the website

  2. Submit official transcripts of marks (high school and post-secondary, if applicable) with the Admissions Application form and application fee. Application fee is $50.00 + GST and is payable by cheque, money order, cash, interac, credit card.

  3. Current high school students must submit an official transcript of the most recent marks and include current course enrolment.  UCN will request high school transcripts from Manitoba high schools for those applicants who apply by June 1.  UCN will not request transcripts from Manitoba Education, Citizenship and Youth.  Students are responsible for these transcript submissions.  Final high school marks should be received by July 8 to allow adequate time to process applications for the Fall Term.

  4. Mature applicants must submit certified copies of birth certificate or other legal documents including driver's license or treaty card for proof of date of birth.  Certified copies are stamped by notary public or by UCN staff person who has taken the copy from the original document.

  5. Transfer applicants must submit official transcripts from the former institution(s).

  6. Visiting students must supply a Letter of Permission at the time of registration for each course.

Admission Applications are not considered complete until all required documentation has been received.  Applications are processed on a first-qualified, first-served basis.

It is the applicant's responsibility to inform UCN of any changes to the information on the application form.  An applicant must supply legal documentation when requesting a name change.

Applicants must submit their applications and must supply all documents by application deadline for admission.  Download the Academic Schedule to view admission application deadlines. 


Application Dates

High school students must submit their application forms by June 01 in order for UCN to request transcripts.  All applications submitted after that date will require students to provide documentation.

Applicants must submit their applications and must supply all documents by application deadline for admission.

Exceptions to the deadline dates above will be handed on a case-by-case basis.  Applications received after the deadline dates may not be received in time for processing prior to term commencement.  In such cases, the applications will be returned and the applicant invited to apply for the next intake.


A letter of acceptance will be issued if program entrance requirements have been met.  The letter will indicate the start and end date of the program.

A letter of conditional acceptance will be issued based on work in progress.  A conditional acceptance letter does not confirm acceptance, although it will hold a seat in the program until the date specified in the letter.  Upon receipt of final marks and confirmation that program entrance requirements have been met, a letter of acceptance will be issued.  If the program is full, the letter will indicate that the applicant has been put on the wait list.

Returning Students

Students accepted into university college programs in an academic year and who do not graduate in that academic year, and who have not voluntarily withdrawn from all of their courses continue to be university college program students and are not required to reapply for admittance to the university college or to the program in each subsequent year, students are required to complete the Returning Student form.

Returning students are required to register at least eight (8) weeks prior or to their return.  Registration priorities are in effect as per UCN Policy AC-01-04.

Students who have voluntarily withdrawn or been involuntarily withdrawn from all of their courses are required to reapply for admission.

Recognition of Prior Learning

Adults are continually gaining knowledge and skills from the life experiences in which they are involved.  A student may be able to receive UCN credit for previous skills and knowledge, and apply this credit to programs at University College of the North.  The process of matching previous skills and knowledge to university - or college level courses is called Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). UCN uses a variety of methods such as exams or tests, assignments or projects, skills demonstrations, and portfolio assessments to verify a students prior learning.  RPL decisions are made by the program faculty in consultation with the Recognition of Prior Learning Facilitator and academic dean, and in accordance with UCN's RPL policy.  Up to 75% of a programs's credit hours may be obtained by the RPL process.  More information on RPL can be obtained from Assessment Services, Enrolment Services and deans.

Student Identification Cards

Photo student identification cards are issued after students have registered.  Cards are used for library, computer and gymnasium access.

Student Numbers

A student number is issued at the time of application and should be used on all course registration and registration revision forms.  Only one (1) number is issued for each student.

Transfer of Courses

Credits may be transferred into University College of the North programs from other recognized post-secondary institutions for up to 75% of the program credit hours.  Credits may also be transferred from one UCN program into another.  A request for transfer of credit may be sent to Enrolment Services, along with a completed Admissions Application form and official transcripts. The Recognition of Prior Learning will assist with the course transfer process.  Course transfer fees will be assessed only for transfer of credit from institutions outside of Manitoba.  Students are encouraged to apply for transfer credit through the Recognition of Prior Learning office as early as possible prior to the start dates of their courses.

For most programs a minimum grade of C is required to transfer a course into University College of the North or from program to program.  Some programs may establish higher minimum grade thresholds for credit transfer.  In general, courses must have been taken within the last five (5) years to be considered for transfer credit.  Computer-related courses or other specialized technical courses are generally considered current and relevant if they have been taken within the last three (3) years.

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