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Protocols for Traditional Gatherings and Ceremonies

• Alcohol and drug free (minimum 4 days in advance).
• Please observe and be respectful of all ceremonies and gatherings.
• Acknowledge people when they are speaking and listen respectfully.
• Bring positive thoughts and prayers.
• If bringing children, teach them the traditional protocols, lead them by example, demonstrate patience and nurturance, and encourage them to learn.
• Women should wear long skirts around sacred items and ceremonial sites.
• When women are on their moon time, their power is at its strongest and must not participate in ceremonies, handle ceremonial items or cook tradtional foods.
• Remove any reflective items (jewellery, glasses, artificial items) when smudging.
• Take only what you will eat when you are offered food. Food is not to be thrown away but must be burned in a fire. It is courteous to accept the first round of food, if a second
round comes around put your hand over your bowl.
• Bring your own dishes/ cutlery for the feasts to reduce waste and maintain the cleanliness of the gathering site and natural environment.
• Do not hesitate to seek advice on appropriate protocols.
• Before participating in ceremonies seek advice of the spritual advisors for protocols (ie: tobacco offerings, prints and berries)
• If attending a Sweat Lodge Ceremony, women must wear appropriate long cotton gowns and men must wear shorts.
• Please do not take pictures or video tape ceremonies without speaking to the ceremony conductor.
• Tobacco can be put into the Sacred Fire, nothing else should be burned in the Sacred Fire.
Wopida- Miigweetch- Ekosani- Mahsi Cho
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