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Pukatawagan (Mathias Colomb)

Ralph Caribou
Regional Centre Coordinator
In June 2015, the Pukatawagan Regional Centre celebrated its grand opening of a newly constructed 5200 sq. ft. modern learning facility with all the amenities a student would need to experience and acquire higher learning at home. Along with the Regional Centre, a 3-unit housing apartment was constructed to provide comfortable accommodation for instructors. Each unit is a two bedroom self-contained apartment and comes fully furnished. With the instructor units just steps away from the Regional Centre, it would be a matter of seconds for the instructor to attend and prepare for course delivery. This convenience is a welcome feature to visiting instructors. The Centre has its own internet system through Galaxy and all units including the Centre is hooked up with the telephone provider.
Pukatawagan with a population of 2300 in the community is the home base for the Mathias Colomb Cree Nation that has a total membership of 3300. It is an indigenous Cree community with a vast traditional territory covering much of northwestern Manitoba. Mathias Colomb Cree Nation has three other sister communities; Granville Lake and Sherridon in Manitoba, and Sandy Bay in Saskatchewan. Pukatawagan can be reached by train from The Pas, the train is operated by Keewatin Railway Company and is 1/3 owned by Mathias Colomb Cree Nation. A quicker way into the community is catching a scheduled Missinippi Air flight from The Pas.  Missinippi Air is 100% owned by Mathias Colomb Cree Nation. Most winters when it’s cold enough, Missinippi Construction, also 100% owned by Mathias Colomb Cree Nation, constructs a winter road that falls under and is licensed by the Province of Manitoba. Please view the short video to see more highlights of the community. For more detailed information, please call the Regional Centre Coordinator.
The regional centre has a community board that provides direction for program delivery. The Regional Centre Advisory Board is comprised of four community representatives and two UCN representatives.
The University College of the North Pukatawagan Regional Centre is committed to providing adult education and training services to meet the needs of individuals, industry, agencies and community organizations throughout northern Manitoba.
Support Services
  • Regional Centre Coordinator
  • Instructor/advisor
  • Computer Lab
  • Three classrooms
  • Modern learning facility
  • Curriculum
  • Program Montors
  • Student Handbook
  • Advisory board 
Pukatawagan Education Authority
  • Funding for students
  • Post Secondary Counselors
  • Tutoring services
  • Administration Staff
  • Other Institution resources
Employment and Training
  • Funding for students
  • tutoring services
  • Administrative staff
  • other institutional resources

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