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  Student Accessibility Services

At UCN, you will find an institution that believes in equal educational opportunities for all qualified students. Faculty, administrators and staff work closely with students to provide a continuum of support services from the time of admission until graduation. 

Student Accessibility Services Office (SAS) shall provide and maintain accessibility services to ensure that students with disabilities are able to join the programs they are academically qualified and eligible for. SAS provides a focus for activities and expertise regarding disability related accommodations within the UCN the community.  

In providing accommodations SAS will: 
  1. Request and evaluate appropriate required medical documentation from the student requesting services from SAS and assign appropriate services to meet the needs of each student by implementing accommodation within reasonable means; 
  2. Ensure that UCN criteria for academic excellence will not be compromised; 
  3. Inform the UCN community about the services available to students with disabilities through SAS, and ensure that services are delivered in ways that promote equity, equal opportunities, respect and dignity of the student with disabilities; 
  4. SAS will deliver, maintain and coordinate services required for students with disabilities who are requesting accommodations as needed; 
  5. Provide training for student-instructors when requested; 
  6. Develop an Individual Accommodation Plan, together with the student to meet his/her needs; 
  7. SAS will attempt to accommodate all requests by the student; 
  8. To achieve its mission SAS will conform to the guidelines of; the Human Rights Code (Manitoba), the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom, The Accessibility for Manitobans Act, FIPPA and PHIA.

New Student Registering with SAS?

A new student registering with SAS needs to provide up to date medical documentation, which may require re-assessments. This process can take several months, which may delay the arrangement of formal accommodations.  Documentation is mandatory for requesting accommodations.  

When it is your first time registering with SAS, it can take a little bit of time to work out all of the details.  It is therefore in your best interest to start the process by setting up an appointment with an Accessibility Resource Officer as early as possible. 

These factors may also influence your decision about when to contact us:

Funding - Some agencies have a waiting list for educational funds and Canada Study Grant applications can take up to four months to process.

Alternate materials - Requests should be submitted as soon as textbooks are confirmed for your courses as the production of audiotapes etc. could take four weeks or longer.

Time - Time may be required to obtain and install assistive technology or to make adjustments to physical space.

Information on Tests and Exams - Be sure to familiarize yourself with our exam booking guidelines and procedures, as there are important deadlines you will need to know. 

Contact Information for Accessibility Resource Officers:  

Nicole Myers

UCN SAS Brochure

  • The Pas Campus Box 3000, 436 - 7th Street East, The Pas, MB R9A 1M7 Telephone: (204) 627-8500 / Toll Free: (866) 627-8500
  • Thompson Campus 55 UCN Drive, Thompson, MB R8N 1L7 Telephone: (204) 677-6450 / Toll Free: (866) 677-6450
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