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Diploma Practical Nursing

We are still accepting applications for the Flin Flon program. 
Thompson site is full. 
Course completion July 2023


 Due to high demand, this program gives preference to Manitoba and Saskatchewan residents and does not accept applications from International Students.

Applications received from non-Canadian residents for this program will be cancelled and the application fee will be refunded.

Flin Flon students, please note: students are required to relocate in the 2nd year of the program for clinical courses only (4 weeks in Fall term for Surgery and 6 weeks in Winter term for Obstetrics and a portion of their Mental Health Clinical). 

The UCN Diploma in Practical Nursing (DPN) program is a two-year diploma, currently offered in Swan River, Flin Flon and Thompson. The DPN program provides students with the knowledge and skills base to work as a professional member of the health care team and to successfully assume leadership roles. Graduates of the DPN program will be able to meet or exceed the following outcomes:

  1. Examine the change in role from student to graduate/professional practical nurse.
  2. Examine professional self-regulation, the professional association, union structure and function, and implications for practice.
  3. Assess the role of the practical nurse as a member of a professional association.
  4. Evaluate current legislation, including restricted activities and supervision of restricted activities, and reflect on implications for professional practice.
  5. Prepare for employment as a practical nurse.
  6. Examine the structure and function of organizations.
  7. Determine the major concepts of leadership and management.
  8. Evaluate the components of a quality, supportive work environment and implications for a leader/manager.
  9. Design strategies that could be utilized to facilitate communication and encourage the development of a quality supportive work environment for an interdisciplinary health-care team.
  10. Determine issues in human resource management, fiscal resource management, and implications for practice.
  11. Critique current media and research findings regarding nursing and health-care trends and issues.
  12. Analyze professional practice utilizing knowledge and practicum experiences from the previous courses.
  13. Develop a plan for ongoing learning to promote personal and professional growth and continued competence.
  14. Measure the value of clinical quality improvement, risk management, nursing research, and best practice guidelines.

How to Apply

  • The Pas Campus Box 3000, 436 - 7th Street East, The Pas, MB R9A 1M7 Telephone: (204) 627-8500 / Toll Free: (866) 627-8500
  • Thompson Campus 55 UCN Drive, Thompson, MB R8N 1L7 Telephone: (204) 677-6450 / Toll Free: (866) 677-6450
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