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Diploma Practical Nursing

Applications for the September 2019 DPN program in Flin Flon  have closed.

How to Apply

The UCN Diploma in Practical Nursing (DPN) program is a two-year diploma, currently offered in Swan River and Flin Flon. The DPN program provides students with the knowledge and skills base to work as a professional member of the health care team and to successfully assume leadership roles. Graduates of the DPN program will be able to meet or exceed the following outcomes:

  1. Examine the change in role from student to graduate/professional practical nurse.
  2. Examine professional self-regulation, the professional association, union structure and function, and implications for practice.
  3. Assess the role of the practical nurse as a member of a professional association.
  4. Evaluate current legislation, including restricted activities and supervision of restricted activities, and reflect on implications for professional practice.
  5. Prepare for employment as a practical nurse.
  6. Examine the structure and function of organizations.
  7. Determine the major concepts of leadership and management.
  8. Evaluate the components of a quality, supportive work environment and implications for a leader/manager.
  9. Design strategies that could be utilized to facilitate communication and encourage the development of a quality supportive work environment for an interdisciplinary health-care team.
  10. Determine issues in human resource management, fiscal resource management, and implications for practice.
  11. Critique current media and research findings regarding nursing and health-care trends and issues.
  12. Analyze professional practice utilizing knowledge and practicum experiences from the previous courses.
  13. Develop a plan for ongoing learning to promote personal and professional growth and continued competence.
  14. Measure the value of clinical quality improvement, risk management, nursing research, and best practice guidelines.
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