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The Humanities Area at the University College of the North offers courses in English Literature, Philosophy, and History. All these disciplines offer courses which study the developments in thought and culture from their inception to the present day.

Majoring in the Humanities

The purpose of a university education in the Humanities is not just to train you for a specific job, but to help you develop general skills that are required in many different work situations.
Bachelor of Arts students have exceptional opportunities to learn and hone these skills while also acquiring a background in their specific area(s) of interest.
The Conference Board of Canada has identified the following as critical skills required for Canada's workforce:
  • Academic Skills (Communication, Thinking, Learning, Research)
  • Personal Management Skills (Positive Attitudes/Behaviours, Responsibility, Adaptability)
  • Teamwork Skills (Working with Others)

Opportunities for Graduates in the Humanities

English, Philosophy, and History graduates are suited for a variety of roles, such as researcher, speech writer, administrative assistant, public relations officer, publisher's agent, or advertising copy writer.
Bachelor of Arts graduates in the Humanities are also prepared to continue in professional studies (for example, in the fields of law, business, education etc...) or may continue to Graduate Studies (for a Master's or Doctoral degree) in their specific area of interest.
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