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The Faculty offers three- and four-year majors and a minor in English. These programs engage students in the study of literatures and cultural artifacts written in or translated into English. 
English is a discipline in the Humanities, which is the history and transmission of knowledge, including consideration of ideas and their aesthetic, intellectual and moral dimensions.  In the discipline of English, the focus is on the expression of human thought and culture in written form, some of which may originally have been expressed in oral forms.  Studies in English create awareness of methods and theories of literary and cultural analysis, while enhancing overall competencies in critical thinking, reading and writing.  English (ENG) offerings at UCN include courses in the literatures of diverse cultures, peoples, groups, historical periods, and geographical areas, as well as courses in critical theory, genres, creative writing and film studies.  English studies offer excellent preparation for careers in administration, education, government, journalism, law, publishing, and research.
English courses provide valuable electives for all BA and B.Ed. students. Because English is a “major teachable,” the English major and minor will be especially attractive to Education students. BA students majoring in History, Sociology, and Aboriginal and Northern Studies will find the minor in English, which offers a high degree of flexibility in course choices, to be a natural complement to their major studies.
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