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 Centre for Learning, Education and Research

The Academic and Research Division is committed to strengthen the quality of all UCN courses and programs, as well as to strengthen UCN’s research culture. A Centre for Learning, Education and Research (CLEAR) will be established to provide faculty-centered leadership and expertise in teaching, learning, and research, focusing on strengthening and maintaining faculty members’ reputation for excellence. CLEAR will support the practice, culture, and scholarship of teaching, learning, and research by leveraging the expertise of existing faculty members, thereby creating a networking framework where faculty members themselves share best practices and solutions.

CLEAR’s operating concept is one where faculty members and staff share experiences, expertise and teach each other to innovate. Existing Research and Academic Excellence (RAE) professional, technical and support staff act as the ‘scaffolding’ for CLEAR’s operations.

CLEAR Services will include:

·         Offering mentorship whereby senior and experienced faculty members will mentor and provide support for new and less experienced instructors

·         Engaging faculty members with presentations, external speakers on relevant topics, and ‘meet-ups’ to foster a stronger sense of professional community within UCN

·         Provide support, mentorship, and guidance, and encouraging instructors’ engagement in distance delivery, indigenization and other pedagogical innovations

·         Working with faculty members to identify, develop and share critical skills and best practices in research, instruction, and assessment

·         Maintaining an online presence to allow for dialogue and resources

·         Supporting activities that encourage scholarship of teaching and research

·         Celebrating research and teaching successes.


Taken from, “Establishing the Centre for Learning, Education, and Research: A Concept Paper," November 14, 2018.

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