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 Animal Care Committee

UCN’s Animal Care Committee (UCNACC) is responsible for reviewing proposals and protocols where animals would be used in teaching, research or testing. It also reviews proposals for other types of animal use such as keeping fish tanks or terrariums in campus offices, use of animals in ceremonial or special events, etc. Establishment of the UCNACC is in keeping with movements nationally and globally toward ensuring humane and ethical treatment of animals in postsecondary and other institutional settings.

The UCNACC is an autonomous body reporting directly to UCN’s Vice-President, Academic & Research. Its activities are guided and informed by resources available through the Canadian Council on Animal Care, the primary recognized authority on institutional animal use programs and animal care committees in Canada. Terms of reference for the UCNACC can be accessed here.
UCN was granted its Certificate of Good Animal Practice by the Canadian Council on Animal Care in November 2017.
UCN has a comprehensive policy governing the use of animals that can be accessed. UCN has adopted COSEWIC (Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada) standards as its benchmark reference relating to species at risk for policy and all other Animal Care Committee matters.
Any questions about UCN's Animal Care Committee can be directed to Gary Melko, committee Chair: and/or Dr. Guru Chinnasamy, Committee Coordinator:​ 
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