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 Educational Technologies and Staffing

The role of Instructional Services staff is to provide quality teaching and learning supports to faculty and students engaged in distance, distributed and technology-mediated courses. This includes the equipment connections and supervision of video-conferenced classes, web-conferenced classes, management of the UCNLearn system (previously known as D2L), supports in distance classrooms as required by instructors, as well as training with teaching and learning technologies, andragogical design and development of courses, and development of digital assets in collaboration with instructors.

Staff is distributed across three locations with specific roles and duties. 

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Learning Technologies Specialist Learning Technologies Supervisors
Learning Technologies Facilitators   Contacting a Learning Technology Facilitator

Learning Technologies Specialist

 Terralyn McKee   - Rm B35 The Pas Campus
The Specialist works directly with UCN faculty and students to provide consultation and support for the development of distance, distributed and technology-enhanced courses and instructional materials, including the andragogical and physical conversion of face to face course content to distance format. The specialist is responsible for:
  1. administration of UCNLearn (previously D2L) and web-conferencing programs
  2. provision of course support to faculty and students for the creation and use of the online course shells 
  3. training and support for faculty regarding best practices for the andragogical design and delivery of online course content, web conferencing and courses which are delivered by the UCN for distance and technology-mediated courses
  4. works with Learning Technologies Supervisors and Facilitators in supporting video conference connections for distance and distributed courses on a daily basis. 
Please contact the Learning Technologies Specialist if you need assistance with online course planning and/or delivery, or would like to learn more about effective online teaching and learning strategies, quality assurance tools in UCNLearn or Adobe Connect, and innovations in distance and online teaching.

Learning Technologies Supervisor

Sarah Warner  - Rm 255A The Pas Campus                                                                                                  

The Supervisor is responsible for the:
  1. day to day supervision of LTF (Learning Technology Facilitator) staff
  2. the coordination of course schedules and all related course support activities such as

Please contact your Learning Technologies staff to arrange for consultation of services based on your course needs! 


Learning Technologies Facilitators (LTF)

   The Pas - 2 full time, 1 part-time          Thompson - 2 full time, 1 part-time                   Norway House - 1 full time

Learning Technologies Facilitators are responsible for providing educational assistance to faculty members and students participating in technology-mediated classes as well as staff members who require technology-mediated supports. 
These supports include, but are not limited to,
  1. basic setup, troubleshooting and monitoring the use of equipment,
  2. software and media supports related to technology-mediated education,
  3. in-class assistance with class facilitation and management tasks,
  4. Faculty and student orientation with course related technologies,
  5. out-of-class assistance with student supports,
  6. materials distribution and related tasks, and
  7. test/exam invigilation at remote site connections as required
  8. assistance with preparation of resource materials and training opportunities related to learning technologies and their use
The contact information for all sites are located in each of the VC and distance delivery classrooms near the teaching stations in The Pas, Thompson and Norway House.   This contact sheet is updated regularly, as staffing changes dictate.
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