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At University College of the North (UCN), we believe that effective use of learning technologies plays a vital role in high quality learning experiences.  Our students live in a society where technology-mediated communication is increasing in importance each year.  Students must be capable users of information and communication technology to become contributing members of our communities.

The use of learning technologies and communication technology tools ensures UCN programs and courses are accessible to the greatest number of students possible, in as many communities as possible, with the resources available.
Videoconferencing allows courses to be delivered synchronously between UCN campuses and many Regional Centers, as well as to any other locations that have compatible videoconferencing equipment.
Adobe Connect
Web-conferencing technology creates a virtual classroom where students and faculty can interact synchronously using a variety of tools. This technology allows UCN courses to be delivered to all UCN Regional Centers. 
Desire2Learn (D2L)
D2L is a web-based teaching and learning tool that allows courses to be delivered asynchronously to any location that has a high-speed internet connection.  D2L allows learners to take UCN courses without leaving their community, and in many cases, their home.  It is asynchronous, i.e., not in “real time”, enabling learners to access courses during times that fit with their work schedule and lifestyle.  D2L is also a very important tool for enhancing face-to -face classroom courses, permitting a more learner centered/learner driven environment.
Can8 Language Lab
The Can8 platform is a type of learning technology specifically used to deliver UCN language courses.  UCN uses this technology to deliver various Cree courses, in both its regular programming and in its Campus Manitoba courses.
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