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​Assistant Professor, Sociology
Faculty of Arts Business and Science

Dr. Amos Nkrumah is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University College of the North (UCN), The Pas, Manitoba. Dr. Nkrumah received his Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Saskatchewan, Canada, M.A. in Social Justice and Equity Studies from Brock University, Canada, M.Phil. in Sociology from the University of Ghana, and B.A. (Honours) in Sociology and Political Science from the University of Ghana. He has published on issues of immigrants’ social and economic activities in Canada. His present research interests include: globalization/multinational corporations and corporate social responsibility, transnational migration, immigrants’ socio-economic activities, sociology of education, and issues on race, class and gender.

SOC 3801 – Sociology of the Family
SOC 3700 – Social Movements
SOC 2100 – Social Problems
SOC 3750 – Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality
SOC 1005 – Introduction to Sociology
SOC 2200 – Sociology of Education
SOC 3150 - Comparative Methods in Social Science
SOC.2000 - Classical Sociological Theory 
SOC.3801 - Sociology of Aging
SOC.3801 - Social Inequality in Canada
SOC - 2001 - Contemporary Social Theory 
SOC.3450 - Globalization, Modernity, and Social Change
Community Service and/or Service to Profession
Member UCN Learning Council – December, 2017 to date
Member UCN Tenure and Promotion Committee - December, 2017 to date
Member UCN FABS Faculty Council – September, 2016 to date
Member UCN Academic Planning Committee – December, 2017 to date
Member UCN Social Science Department – September, 2016 to date
Research Activity/Scholarship
Peer-Reviewed Articles
Nkrumah, A. (2018). Immigrants' Transnational Entrepreneurial Activities: The Case of Ghanaian Immigrants in Canada, Journal of International Migration and Integration, 19:195–211
 Nkrumah, A. (2016). Ghanaian Female Immigrant Entrepreneurs in Canada: Experiences, Challenges, and Coping Strategies. Open Journal of Social Sciences, 4, 59-78.
Book Review
Nkrumah, A. (2014). [Review of the book Brokered Boundaries: Creating Immigrant Identity in Anti-Immigrant Times, by Douglas S. Massey and Magaly Sanchez R.] Journal of International Migration & Integration.15(4), 803-804.

“Covert Racism: The Experiences of Visible Minorities in Canada” Academic Presentation (Research in Action) at UCN, The Pas, Manitoba, January, 2018
“Uncovering Covert Racism: The Case of Immigrant Entrepreneurs in Canada”. Paper presented at the Strangers in New Homelands Conference at the University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, November, 2017
“Triple Jeopardy? The Experiences and Coping strategies of Ghanaian Immigrant Women Entrepreneurs in Western Canada”. Paper presented at the Strangers in New Homelands Conference. University of Manitoba, Canada October, 2014
“Gender Relations and Microcredit” Paper presented at the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences. Brock University, Canada May, 2014
“Immigrants’ Transnational Entrepreneurship”. Paper presented at the Graduate Research Conference. University of Saskatchewan, Canada March, 2014
“Microcredit in the global south: The untold story”. Paper presented at the US Social Forum, Detroit, USA June, 2010.

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