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 Ying Kong

YingSM.jpgAssistant Professor

Dr. Ying Kong completed her undergraduate and graduate studies in China. She received her doctoral degree at the Department of English, Film & Theatre, University of Manitoba in 2007. Before she joined in the UCN faculty in 2016, she had taught Chinese Studies for University of Winnipeg, Catholic Literature and International Cinema for University of Manitoba.
As a visiting scholar, Dr. Ying Kong studied and lectured at the Institute of Comparative Culture and Literature, Peking University in 2010-2011. In summers between 2011-2015, she took students of Asian Studies and Catholic Studies to China for field trip study and research. In 2014-2015, she was appointed as a guest professor by Shanghai Normal University.
Before she immigrated to Canada, Ying Kong was an English professor at the School of Foreign Languages, Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT), China. She was trained for interpreting and literary translation both in China and Canada. She served as a business interpreter in China. She does oral and literary translation in Canada.  

Canadian Literature, Indigenous Literature Women and Literature, Indigenous Literature of the World, Cinema, and Critical Theory 

Community Service and/or Service to Profession/Field
Editor-in-Chief of Muses from the North, a journal for UCN students, 2017-present
Editorial Board Member of Chinese Literature and Culture, a literary journal by Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, 2016-Present
Editorial Board Member of the quint, an interdisciplinary quarterly from the north by University College of the North, 2017-present
Interpreter for Winnipeg Immigration Center. 2013-present
Research Activity/Scholarship
Research Interests
Identity and Life Writing, Catholicism and Literature, Chinese Literature and Cinema, and Comparative Literature
Research and Projects:
‘Challenges and Opportunities for Employment Success in Northern Manitoba,’ collaborated with Brandon University, SSHRC funded research, completed in February 2017
 ‘The Impact of Publication and Recognition on UCN Students,’ collaborated with Dr. Joseph Atoyebi, received UCN Research Seeds funding, 2017-2019
‘Creative Nonfiction Translation of An Autobiography by Zhang Yawen,’ received grant from the Apprentice Writer of the 2016 Sheldon Oberman Writers Mentorship Program, Manitoba Writer’s Guild, 2016
Recent Publications:
----“Battle for Life: A Poetic Autobiography of Zhang Yawen.”  the quint: an interdisciplinary quarterly from the north.  Vol. 10.1. December 2017
----“Woman's Selfhood Presentation from Carol Shields to Indigenous Women Writers.”
the quint: an interdisciplinary quarterly from the north.  Vol. 9.4. September 2017. 165-181      
----“Book Review on Cry of Life.” Frontiers of Literary Studies in China. Brill. Vol. 10, Issue 4. December 2016. 746-750
---- Zhang Yawen’s Calling: Rising Against All Odds.” Chinese Literature and Culture. Guangdong. Vol.8. January, 2017. 78-115
----“Dog Girl.” Chinese Literature and Culture. Guangdong. Vol. 8 January, 2017. 14-47
----“Cry for Life: A Writer Warrior” the quint: an interdisciplinary quarterly from the north.  Vol. 8.1. January 2016
---- “Willful and Determined.” Chinese Literature and Culture. Guangdong. Vol. 4, November, 2015. 95-102
---- “Lao Yang: A Chinese Immigrant's Life.” AlliterAsian. Eds. Julia Lin, Allan Cho and
Jim Wong-Chu. Vancouver: Arsenal Pulp Press. 2015. 174-192
---- “International Outreach: Seeking Catholic Heritage in China.” Facing the New Millennium. Ed. Christopher Butterill. St. Paul’s College, University of Manitoba. 351-367
Work in Progress:
Lotus Seeds—Flavours for A New Land (a collection of short stories), completed, looking for publishers     
Conference Presentations
---- “Creative Translation: Strategies for translating texts for target culture readers.” Panel Organizer and presenter. ALTA40: Reflection & Refraction held by American Literary Translation Association. Minneapolis, October 5-8, 2017
----- “Woman’s Selfhood between Main Stream Literature and Indigenous Literature.” The 23rd International Conference of the International Association for Intercultural Communication Studies Macao Polytechnic Institute, Macao, (IAICS) June 6-8, 2017
----- “The Dog Girl.” ALTA39: Translation & Crossings American Literary Translation Association. Oakland, California. October 6-9
----- “China Dream: Soft Power for the Chinese Nation and Hard Sell for the Global
Market.” International conference "Exploring the China Dream." Stockholm University,
August 15-16, 2016.
----- “Catholic Church as a Catalyst in Shanghai Modernity.”  International Convention of Asia Scholars (ICAS 9) Adelaide, Australia from 5-9 July 2015
Public Lectures:
-----“Catholicism in Shanghai History,” and “China Dream: Reportage from China.”
School of Philosophy, Law and Politics, Shanghai Normal University, China May 7-9, 2017
---- “Chinese Way of Learning.”  Centre for Teaching Excellence, Innovation and Research
Red River College, June 19, 2015
----- “The Problem of China--Dialogue with Bertrand Russell.” Shanghai Normal University, China, December 18, 2014
-----“Western Imagination of Tibet.” Shanghai Normal University, China, May 30, 2014
----- “Literature on Korean War.” Canadian Mennonite University March 20, 2014
------“Catholic Legacy in China.” St. Paul's College, University of Manitoba February 26, 2014

------ “Research and Essay Writing.” FABS Students Seminar Series
Faculty of Arts, Business and Science, October 18, 2017
 ------“Integrating Adobe Connect.” Educational Technology: What Works for Me   
 Instructional Services: Research and Innovation, October 3, 2017
 ------ “True Stories Well Told: Creative Nonfiction.”  Arts and Language Festival, April 25-26, 2017

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