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katrin.jpg​Assistant Professor
Faculty of Arts, Business, and Science

Dr. Katrin Atnikov is an Assistant Professor with the Department of Science, Faculty of Arts, Business, and Science, University College of the North (UCN). Her instructional focus includes delivery of University of Manitoba's Anatomy and Physiology of the Human Body to students intending on entering the post-secondary educational institution’s Bachelor of Nursing Program. Other courses include UCN's Cell Biology and Developmental Biology (special topic).

Katrin holds a BSc (Honours) in Genetics (1993) and an MSc in Zoology (1996) from the University of Manitoba; a PhD in Biology (2000) from the University of Hamburg, Germany; and a Master’s Certificate in Project Management from the Schulich School of Business, York University (2008).

Prior to making a transition to educator and researcher at UCN, Katrin spent 15 years working for a number of biotechnology start-ups as well as an internationally recognised pharmaceutical company.

Her background in genetics, molecular biology, drug target and diagnostic biomarker discovery, clinical trials, as well as drug safety provide a solid foundation for her research on Indigenous health. She is particularly interested in examining the importance of genetics on individual and population-specific responses to drug therapies, use of precision medicine to advance Indigenous health, as well as public health issues associated with viral transmission via small rodent migration in northern Manitoba.

Katrin supports student research by way of mentorship through the Prairie Indigenous Knowledge Exchange Network (PIKE-NET), an arm of the University of Manitoba's Indigenous Institute of Health and Healing - Ongomiizwin.

She is actively engaged in collaborations with Natural Resource Management Technologies (NRMT) at UCN.

UM.BIO.1410L Anatomy of the Human Body   University of Manitoba
UM.BIO.1412L Physiology of the Human Body   University of Manitoba
UM.MBIO.1220 Essentials of Microbiology    University of Manitoba
UC.BIO.2000L Cell Biology      UCN
UC.SCI.2936L Special Topics in Science: Developmental Biology UCN

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