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 Winter Term 2020 Grading Options

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we understand that these have been challenging times for all within UCN.  Adding to this challenge is having to move from the traditional face-to-face learning mode to online learning has added stress to all learners.  We would like to assist in easing the burden and have introduced a new grade option in recognition of the circumstance we are dealing with.

Initially you will receive your final grade in the traditional manner.  Following the receipt of your final grade, you have the option of choosing from the options described below.  You have the ability to do this on a course-by-course basis by completing the Student Grading Option Form and submitting it as instructed on the form.  The deadline to submit the request is May 29, 2020.
(Note: the Pass/Fail option does not apply to all programs – see list below).

With this information in mind, you have the following options when it comes to grading for this current Winter term, or Fall courses which ran over the two terms:

Standard Grading:  Accept the standard grading mode.  This is the standard grading approach approved at UCN and represents the regular grading approach for students.  This grade will be used in your GPA calculations. (No further action required)

Option 1:  Accepting of the letter grade received but exclude it from your UCN GPA calculations. Letter grade will appear on the transcript with a notation indicating that the student has chosen to exclude it from their UCN GPA calculations due to COVID-19.  Grades excluded from the GPA calculation will not be used in calculating the GPA for the purpose of program progression and/or overall graduation GPA requirements.  However, letter grades will continue to be used for UCN prerequisite requirements into other courses, admission to other programs, and to satisfy any other program requirements.

Option 2:  Choose to convert your final grade into a “Pass” or “VW”.  A “pass” can only be chosen if the original grade achieved was a grade of “D” or higher.  A “VW” grade can be chosen for those who have received an “F” grade.  In either scenario, no letter grade will be recorded or retained.   A notation indicating that the student chose this approach due to COVID-19 will be indicated on the student’s transcript.  Neither the “Pass” or “VW” grade will be included in your UCN GPA calculation. 

Note:  Prior to making a selection with regards to grading, students are advised to contact their Academic Advisor as students are still obligated to meet all existing admission, prerequisite, progression, degree, and graduation policies and requirements that apply to them.  (For example, a program or course may require a grade of “C” or higher as a prerequisite/admission requirement for enrolment in another subsequent course/program.  In such situations a “pass” grade will not be accepted.)
Program Exceptions to “Pass/Fail Option”:

The following programs will not be accepting the options noted previously, however will allow “VW”:

Adult Learning Centre
Bachelor of Nursing

Bachelor of Arts – Nursing Intent (if “P” is part of the 30 credit admission requirements for the Bachelor of Nursing)

Bachelor of Education – All streams

Diploma in Practical Nursing

Health Care Aide
Primary Care Paramedic
A reminder that the deadline date to submit your request is May 29, 2020.
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