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 UCN Code of Ethics

The University College of the North code of ethics was approved by the Interim Governing Council on May 18, 2005.

Core Value:


Justice – We respect the individual rights of our employees and students.

Code of Ethics:


All staff will support the principle of due process and protect the human rights of all staff and students. The University College will maintain responsible and fair policies and procedures in all matters affecting students and staff.

All employees will act to prevent intimidation, all forms of harassment, and discrimination.

Core Value:


Respect - We celebrate the diversity of our students, staff and communities. We accept the rights of others to hold values and beliefs that differ from our own and recognize that this is a source of institutional strength and a foundational principle in creating an affirming and stimulating intellectual and social environment.

Code of Ethics:


All employees will act with integrity in the relationship with others to create a diverse environment that appreciates, understands, and accepts individuals from differing backgrounds.

Core Value:


Generosity - We will willingly avail our intellectual, spiritual, cultural and physical resources to the benefit of those we serve. We will provide institutional and individual support to cultural enrichment and leadership within the region.

Code of Ethics:


We will embed Aboriginal values within the programs and services of the University College of the North.

We will not use positions for personal gain or private interest.

The Government of Manitoba's Conflict of Interest Legislation and University College of the North Conflict of Interest Policy will bind employees.

Core Value:


Excellence and Education – We value and commit to providing equitable lifelong learning opportunities that are accessible and of highest quality.

Code of Ethics:


All staff shall promote the importance of education and shall not unfairly deny any student the right to academic, counseling and other institutional services.

Staff shall not provide services that are not within the boundaries of their professional competence and will refer students to appropriate university college resources (i.e. counseling services, health services).

Employees shall maintain currency and expertise in their field through continuing education and professional development opportunities.

Core Value:


Honesty and Integrity – Academic and personal honesty are essential elements for the maintenance and credibility of an educational institute.

Code of Ethics:


Employees must represent their qualifications and professional credentials accurately.

Plagiarism or any other forms of academic dishonesty are not tolerated.

It is expected that members of the University College of the North and its partners will ensure research activities are conducted in accordance with the accepted ethical standards of academic research and scientific practice.

University College employees will ensure that all information presented for public or internal use is accurate, void of misleading or ambiguous statements and free of omissions of detail.

University College employees will deal honestly and in confidence with each other with respect to performance or job related matters and will adhere to the professional code of conducts of each profession.

Core Value:


Privacy – Privacy and confidentiality are expected by students and staff of the University College of the North.

Code of Ethics:


Personal confidential information shall not be collected unless required for the effective provision of service. Such information will not be shared without the individual’s consent and will not be used for purposes other than the original intent.

Confidential information shall not be used for anything other than for that which it was intended.

Confidential information shall be shared only with authorized parties, unless consent is given or required by law.

Confidential student information, assignments or any other work shall not be shared unless the student has given permission.

Core Value:


Stewardship – We acknowledge that we have been entrusted with society’s resources, and with the responsibility to ensure that these resources are used solely to advance the interests of society.

Code of Ethics:


All staff will act with integrity, trustworthiness and objectivity in the production, analysis and distribution of information, particularly financial information.

Staff will act in the interests of the University College, except where those interests are in conflict with the interests of society, and will put the interests of the University College above their own.

Professional staff will continually upgrade their skills and knowledge so they may at all times exercise professional judgment in accordance with their professions’ ethical standards.

All staff will act with due care and will exercise the judgment appropriate to their positions.

No staff member will be involved, either by statement or omission, with any information she/he knows or ought to know to be false or misleading.


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